Trial Committees


Are you considering running working dog trial affiliated with the QWCTAI? This page provides interested parties with an overview of how to apply for and host a working dog trial affiliated with the QWCDTAI. More, specifically, you will find information about:


  • Planning your trial date
  • Running your trial
  • Our insurance information
  • Templates to assist you
  • Running a Trial 2022 – 2023


Planning Your Trial Date

When setting a date for a new trial, contact the President so that dates can be coordinated with existing trials on the calendar.


All organising Trial Committees are requested to submit the following details to the President to have their trial considered:

Date of trial; Venue; Contact name/s and phone number/s and/or email/s of key person for nominations; Ideally, trial dates are to be finalised for the following calendar year by September of the preceding year, to enable publication in the association's newsletter and printed calendars.


Running Your Trial
Trial committees should refer to Helping You Run a Trial with QWCDTAInc booklet. For a current copy, please contact either the Secretary or Treasurer.


Ask the Association's Executive Committee to clarify any issues you may come across during the planning and running of the trial – don't be afraid to ask!!


Running a Trial Templates
Downlaod a selection of Microsoft Word documents (and one Excel spreadsheet) that can be used to assist with the administration of your trial. Simply click on the name of the document, save the file to your own computer and enter the information that is unique to your trial:


Where to send your completed score and result sheets

As soon as practically possible after the completion of your trial, please send a copy of all score sheets and final Trial Result Sheet to:

The Point Scorer: for allocation and checking of Dog of the Year Points
The Webmaster: for publication on our website and Facebook page
Newsletter Editor: for publishing in our quarterly newsletter

Please contact the Executive Committee for further information.


Wishing you a successful trial!


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