Dog Registration


Registering Your Dog
Registering a dog with the QWCDTAI is a member privilege. Members, please refer to page 23 of 28 of your rule book for details. Some extracts from the rule book are included on this page.


All dogs registered under the QWCDTAInc register must meet the criteria set by the Association. The association accepts no responsibility for the lack of any working ability of any pups sold of registered parents.

(Rule book 2021 Page 25/26)


All dogs competing in a QWCDTA trial must be registered; allowing one (1) season for newly started dogs before registration. UNLESS a dog gains a placing 1st – 6th in an Open or Novice trial – then the dog must be registered, even if within the one (1) season grace period.


Object of classification is the means by which the QWCDTA accept dogs for registration
Two (2) classifications:

  • Bloodline Register (BLR) – must produce three (3) generations of known bloodlines before they can be registered (IF NOT TRIALLED)
  • Trialled Register (TDR) – all dogs that are trialled
    (Rule book 2021 Page 25/26)


The QWCDTAI Register
There are over 4400 dogs registered within the QWCDTAI registration database.


Responsibility for recording dogs within the register is the role of the QWCDTAI Registrar who holds the master copy of the QWCDTAI Register. Copies of the database, either controlled or uncontrolled will not be provided to members or other parties. Members may request from the Registrar an emailed copy of any dog’s pedigree, or information about a dog’s breeding at no charge.


How to Register Dogs with QWCDTAI
Please note: registering dogs with the Association is a member-only privilege.

Below are the steps to follow to register a dog with the QWCDTAI.


Ensure you are a paid up member.

Registering a dog is a member-only privilege. If you are not a member, please visit our Membership Page for information and instructions on how to join.


Research the dog’s pedigree and collate information for registration

For your dog to be effectively entered on the register, please do one of the following:


Download and complete a registration form in Microsoft Word format


Download and complete a registration form in Microsoft Excel format


If you are unable to download one of these form formats, please gather and collate the following information to send to the Registrar (this information is included in the Word and Excel forms):

  • Dog name including prefix (nb as a guideline, the prefix is that of the owner of the dam of the pup/dog being registered)
  • Date of birth
  • Colour
  • Sex
  • Owner’s name
  • Breeder’s name
  • Breeding/pedigree to at least three (3) generations (including any existing registration numbers if available or known)

Pedigree Template

Prefix Registration

Complete the registration paperwork and sign that it is true and correct to the best of your knowledge

If you are emailing your registration information to the Registrar, your email will represent your confirmation that the information provided is true and correct to the best of your knowledge.


Pay your registration fees

Make payment of your registration fees to the Treasurer (refer to fee schedule below).

Payment can be made by cheque, or through direct debit using your name as reference into the Association’s account (Qld Working Cattle Dog Trial Ass Inc; BSB 034 206 (Westpac Toowoomba); Account No 75 0734). Please email your transfer confirmation to the Treasurer at email .

Email or Send your registration paperwork to the Registrar

Refer to the Contact Us page for the Registrar’s mailing, emailing or phone details. If you are unsure of anything about the registration process, please contact the registrar prior to sending your paperwork or making payment to discuss.


What happens next?

Once your registration fees are received, the Treasurer generates a receipt, notifies the Registrar

and your new Registration papers are then able to be posted out to you.


Fees Associated with the Registration Process
All fees are payable to the Treasurer.

  1. Becoming a member – annual membership. See Membership page
  2. Registration (members only): $10.00 per dog
  3. Transfer of registered dog ownership from a member:
    a) to another QWCDTA member, where transfer request includes posting or emailing of a new registration certificate: $5.00 per dog
    b) to a non-member, where transfer request includes posting or emailing of a new registration certificate: $5.00 per dog
    c) to a new owner, member or non-member, where there is a change to the database register only – no posting or emailing of a new registration certificate: Free

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