Are you interested in becoming a QWCDTAI member? Everything you need is on this page.


Membership Terms: Membership to the QWCDTAI is a yearly application based on a 12 month term, beginning from 1st June to 30th May of each year. Membership must be current in order for members to compete.


What you get when you join: By joining the QWCDTAI, you are able to compete in as many working dog trials per year as you wish throughout Qld. Via mail, you will be provided with our quarterly newsletter, a rule book and badge.


There are also various QWCDTAI promotional items for sale: Badges; Ties; Caps; Stickers – large and small.


Annual Cost: Costs involved are as per Application Form and should be sent to the Treasurer. Our annual fee is based at our AGM and is current for each financial year.


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